wow - has it been two years since our last update? we are so sorry! with Facebook and Instagram and what not, it feels like so much of our life is already "out there". nonetheless, a short update for those of you still following along.


obviously the big news is that another little one has joined our ranks! baby ellie was born on april 6th, one day before her due date. it was definitely the most challenging pregnancy and the second-most difficult labor for min, but she was a champ and nearly one month into it, everyone is doing great. we are thrilled for the birth of a daughter and are excited for life with three kids.

JJ's personality has really started to blossom. we love this age - even though 2 can be challenging, it is also full of so much joy and laughter. he is starting to ride his balance bike, loves reading peppa pig stories and basically copies everything his big brother does. here's our little guy's preschool portrait:

sammy is turning 5 in a few weeks and will be in kindergarten this september! early childhood really does blow by! he is such student of life and every time he learns something new, he obsesses about it for weeks. i guess this is pretty normal for kids his age, but we really get a kick out of it. recently he's been into the solar system, the water cycle, the life of plants, soccer and yes, even the bible. ha ha! a pastor's kid he truly is.

church plant:

we are now in the 2nd year of our church plant. it's slow-going but we're actually we're thrilled at how our little community is becoming a family and people are gradually living into their giftings and callings. since our last blog post, i (mike) got ordained, we hired an associate pastor (joe riffe) and a pastoral intern (david tassell), and our services moved from bi-weekly to weekly. we recently celebrated a wedding, a baptism, a fantastic easter lunch and an entire sunday devoted to serving our community. if you ever want to follow along, you can always visit our website:

anyways, that's a quick little update for now. we really are so grateful for our life here - for friends, family, supporters and neighbors. our time in virginia has been so full of life - from babies to church plants to new relationships, we take nothing for granted and feel so blessed.

hopefully our next update won't take another 2 years!

love, mike and min.

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