hello friends and family,

we are so sorry, but we haven't posted here in almost a year! clearly it's been a busy year. well, we won't overwhelm you with info, but here are a few quick hits:

1. baby JJ!

obviously, the first reason it's been such a busy year is because of the birth of our wonderful second son, JJ. his full name is joshua jihoon han, but we affectionately call him, "JJ".

since it's almost been a year, here's a collection of his monthly photos. as you can see, he's a pretty active kid.


 this was the peak of his "fatness"

he's been a super-fun addition to our family. he eats well, sleeps well and loves to smile. he constantly drools and is always on the move. we love our little JJ!

2. church planting

a year ago we were just starting our church planting journey. after a summer of discernment, we had decided this was indeed what God was calling us into. we began a conversation with the evangelical covenant church and now a year later, we are official! we were tasked with gathering 30 committed adults, raising $20,000 and partnering with a local church and thanks to your prayers and generosity, we did it!

here's a picture taken during our training day this past weekend where mike got to sign the official "church planter's covenant agreement", ensuring 3 years of support from the ECC as we try to become a healthy, missional church.

along with this, mike is pretty far along in his ordination process, and if all goes well at the final interview in Chicago in January, he should be ordained at our denomination's annual meeting in June. this is a long-time coming! prayers would be appreciated!

if you want to learn more about our little church plant and our journey, check out our website: www.tablecovchurch.org

though we've raised our first year's budget, we still need help with our second and third year's budget. if you would like to contribute financially, you can do so at:  give.tablecovchurch.org

3. sammy starts preschool

after a pretty successful stint at a local mother's-day-out program, this year we took the plunge and enrolled sammy in a four-day pre-school. and he LOVES IT! we drop him off and he happily sits down and gets to work. he's genuinely happy to be there and seems to be making lots of new friends. we are so thankful! besides school, he went through a pretty hard-core construction site phase, loves to read and draw and really took swimming this past summer. we can't believe how fast this kid is growing up.

the above mentioned construction-site obsession

a sample of his art work (from left to right: mommy, sammy, daddy, JJ and penny)

sammy and his best-buddy lucas yukking it up at his 3rd birthday party

dedicating our boys at community covenant church

we are so grateful for all of you. though we have not done a very good job of keeping in touch, we hope this short little update gives you a glimpse of what's been happening this past year. it's been a full, good year and though it's been super-busy, we are really excited for the coming year.


mike, min, sammy and JJ

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