Hi friends!

While I am on maternity leave and in the thick of raising three little ones, I thought I would share some mom/parent related information for anyone who is interested. It has been ages since I have used this thing and I am a bit rusty (like how to I change my header image? no clue...), but here goes.

For parents out there who are looking for play mats that are not covered by our favorite spectacled penguin, here are two lovely options that friends have recommended to me. They are not cheap, but made in the US, and started by moms, how can you not love that?! FYI - No, I do not own either of these, I still insist on swearing under my breath as I pick out play doh, rice and what I am hoping is chocolate out of my cheap Target rug I adore, but maybe one day...

Featured on Shark Tank these play mats are so lovely. They are multiple pieces that you connect together, which I am not a fan of, but the colors and the prints are beautiful.

This one started as a Kickstarter campaign and it's two sided with fun tracks on the back that my boys would LOVE.

That's all for today, friends. 💕

AN UPDATE: Little Nomad is offering a $10 discount, use MIN10 at checkout. 😊


  1. Thank you for the feature! We hope your readers check out RuggishCo.com!

  2. Thanks for the love Min! Your readers can use the code MIN10 for $10 off! XO Little Nomad

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