Hello Friends!

It's been an eventful summer and we are off to a very exciting start to the fall. The theme of this season is BIRTH!

First, Baby Han is coming any day now. Min is in her 37th week and all signs point to an early arrival. Looks like both Mommy and Baby are ready to get on with the show! We are not positive about a name yet but we have a few front-runners. :)

A lot of the logistical stuff is done, but from what we've heard, the jump from one kid to two is a pretty big one. We're bracing ourselves, but we're very aware of the reality that we have many, many people supporting us and are ready to provide help and relief. We are so grateful for our communities both near and far.

Secondly, after a summer of discernment, we have committed to planting a church here in Fairfax, VA. We have been meeting with a dedicated launch team and are growing more and more excited at the prospect of seeing this dream become a reality. Here are a few details:

1. VISION:  though it is still very early and we we don't even have a name yet there is a strong sense of why we are going forward with this church plant. Though there are many fine and healthy churches in the area, we know that many people, particularly Asian-Americans are falling through the cracks and church plants have the unique opportunity to reach both the un-churched and de-churched. Also, no name yet. :)

2. EVANGELICAL COVENANT CHURCH:  the denomination we are planting with is the ECC. I still have to go through the Church Planter's Assessment Center in March, but should we be approved then, we will be well on our way to seeing this church plant happen. If you are curious about who the ECC is, you can check out their web page here.

2.. RECRUITMENT:  Our primary goal is to take our launch team of 12 members to 30 by March 2015.

If you are local to Northern Virginia and are intrigued at being a part of this launch team, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to let you know how you can get involved.

3. FUNDRAISING:  We also have to raise a certain amount of money to have a fair shot at getting this launch off the ground. If you're interested in contributing, there is an easy method available online. Just go to www.eastcoastconf.org/give and make sure to designate your giving to "DC/Virginia Church Planting"

We're excited but nervous. We realize that planting a church is no easy feat and neither is having two young children in our lives. We are totally stepping into this in faith. We have thought hard about this and looked at all the angles and consulted many people, but at the end of the day, it is still very much a leap of faith. Would you pray with and for us?

We are grateful for all of you who following along with us and pray for us!!

And now, what you've all been waiting for -- pictures of Sammy! Here are a few from this past fall:

Sammy's first day at Pre-School - it was rough at first but now he loves it!

A painfully cute and awkward school picture

At Cox Farms feeding the goats

A last minute emergency led to Sammy dressing up as a little lamb for Halloween

Sammy had the privilege of walking the flower girl down the aisle at a friend's wedding - he did surprisingly great!

we were thrilled to host sammy's cousin Lucas and his parents over the weekend. these two got along so well!

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