hi friends.

it's been a really long time. part of the reason for that is because so many things were up in the air. well, many things remain up in the air, but we feel like now would be a good time to bring people up to speed.

first of all, Sammy's going to be a big brother! min has a bun in the oven and we should be expecting a little one around December 1st!

second, Sammy just turned 2! we got to celebrate his birthday in Edmonton with his grandparents, aunts and uncles. he's really turning into a super fun little boy and as anyone who's been around him knows, right now it's all about the ABCs. 

third, we are starting a little experiment this summer where we're going to gather some friends and discern together if God is inviting us to potentially church plant here in Northern Virginia. anyone who's church planted knows it is not an easy road, so we want to take our time discerning with our community and interested individuals. 

you can follow along at our blog: thirteensundays.tumblr.com

min continues to enjoy her work and though thrilled to be pregnant is not particularly enjoying the symptoms. first trimester was rough so hopefully second one is better. 

I'm still taking courses for the evangelical covenant church's orientation. next week takes me back to Chicago for a week long course. I'm loving being a stay-at-home dad and am grateful for friends and family who allow me to do my dad thing but also get away to study and meet up with people. 

well, that's a short little update covering a pretty long span of time. we'll try to be more consistent with the updated, especially now that things are a little more settled. thanks for reading, friends!

sammy on his second lollipop after getting his hair cut and styled 

sammy and cousin lucas

chillin' on his motorcycle

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