it's been while since our last update but since we are entering into a new season (both literally and figuratively), we thought it was a good time to post. 

as you know, this summer has been one of transition and discernment for us. though we enjoyed spending a lot of time together as a family and with friends, we were also very actively trying to figure out what we were going to do. would we stay or go? what would we do? how would we make ends meet? though we didn't have a strong sense of the exact details, we did have a pretty strong sense that we could trust God with this process and that He would be faithful to lead us. 

well, we have some good news. because my wife has a pretty rocking resume and some awesome connections, she just signed the papers to start working at a new job starting this week. the amazing thing about it is that it will be part-time work but enough to meet our immediate financial needs, extremely close to where we live and will provide us with some pretty great benefits. the timing is perfect as well, seeing that my KCPC health insurance ran out at the end of September. all this to say, it's a God-send and we are extremely grateful. 

as for me, I will be watching Sammy on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays while continuing to pursue ordination with the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination. I will also be participating in various local ministries and investing in existing relationships. like min, I am also thankful for the many wonderful connections I've made and recommendations that have been made on my behalf.

what this basically means is that we are choosing to stay where we are for at least the next year. we feel peace about this and believe that it is the right decision for our family right now. 

thank you to all who aided us in this discernment process and prayed for us. we have felt very loved and cared for this past summer. 

a couple of highlights from the past few months:  

fishing with the family at piney point, md. we caught a lot of really small spot fish and i injured my legs while trying to land a tiny blue crab.

for our fifth anniversary, we had a great dinner at a local restaurant in vienna and treated ourselves to a showing of the book of mormon. highly irreverent and hilarious.

some friends lent us bikes and trailers and we enjoyed the last few days of summer biking around burke lake. our friends, the kwons joined us and took us to a great place to feed the geese some gluten-free bread (they did enjoy the bread).

the greatest gift this summer was definitely the time we got to spend together as a family. though this season was emotionally difficult for us, the absolute treasure of having a lot of time together with sammy was not lost on us. we remain, as always, deeply grateful people.

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