this post is a month late, but our lil boy is one! i know every parent says this, but seriously, these lil ones grow up way too fast.

we had two parties for our special boy. the first one was with our s&l friends at church. sammy's aunties helped decorate and we had a great time celebrating. these photos were taken by our talented friend, angela.

the second one was in our home with a few friends and family. these amazing photos were taken by our good friend, justin. 

my amazing sister, and my dear friends, sofa, annie, eunice, and a lovely group from s&l helped make all my pinterest dreams come true. thank you guys!

sammy woke up just in time for his party which worked out perfectly because he was so dazed for the first 30 minutes we were able to get a few decent pictures of him in his hanbok. 

our lil prince

"what is going on here?!"

sammy with his favorite aunt.

after a quick outfit change, sammy was ready to party. aren't these two photos the best. cracks me up everytime.

sammy picked a bowl of rice during his dohl jabi. dohl jabi is a korean tradition where a few items are placed in front of the child, and the item he chooses is believed to foretell the child's future (ball = athlete, pencil = scholar, string = long life, rice = abundant life, money = wealth, mic = entertainer). obviously we don't believe that his future rests on this simple act (especially since sammy was very hungry), but it was fun anyway.

of course we had to give sammy a taste of his birthday cake. as you can tell he (and penny) loved it. the adorable bib was made by none other than my bff, eunice. isn't she amazing?

i had to post these because they are so cute. poor anna, she just wanted to give sammy a birthday hug and sammy was not having any of it. 

thanks for reading! till next time.

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  1. Awww this post is sooo cute!!! Babies grow up soooo fast! Can Mina and I come play with Sammy soon? :D