hello friends! we just got back from a prayer retreat with some of our s&l friends in culpeper, va. it was a refreshing time of prayer and worship, as well as sharing in deep conversations, laughter and of course in true s&l fashion, bro-mance. :) it is always an adventure doing ministry with a very active baby, but we are blessed with this people-loving, adaptable lil man. he is now 11 months! he is very excited about it, can you tell?

spring time in dc means it's time for the cherry blossoms. along with a few of our friends, we battled the crowds and enjoyed the cherry blossoms that bloom around the tidal basin every year. it was a bit of a gong show attempting to coordinate with 3 kids, and the tourists, but we managed to get a few great pictures and enjoy the lovely weather that day.

this one was taken by the very talented justin kim. 

sammy is at the stage where he puts everything in his mouth. he spent the day eating leaves and shoveling dirt into his mouth. sigh... i love the picture of anna and me with our boys. it's impossible to get a decent picture with lil ones. oh well.

these two...melt my heart.

sammy loves to feed himself these days. these are very messy times... 

super baby - photo c/o our talented neighbor nicole pavey. we miss you guys!

ok that's it for now. :) have a great day. 

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