wow. what a summer.

after a pretty dramatic 2012, we are having what looks like a pretty dramatic 2013 as well. without going into all the details (if you're curious, please ask us personally), we are transitioning out of our role at KCPC. though we are saddened by this loss and still processing all that happened, we are moving forward with a steadfast faith in the God who brought us through the past few years of our lives.

well, here are a few pictures to bring you up to speed on what's been happening the past few months:

trip to ocean city, MD
our wonderful S&L family sent us on a vacation after hearing the news of our departure from KCPC. this trip was full of many "firsts" for sammy. first time in a pool, first bike ride, first time on the beach. it was pretty spectacular.

thanks S&L friends!!

edmonton, AB
our next trip took us to edmonton where my parents live. one of our favorite activities was going to the local swimming pool and discovering that sammy has absolutely no fear when it comes to water. a good thing?

we also timed our trip so that we could be together with my brother and his family as well. having all four generations together, we decided to go get some family photos done. as you can tell in the photo with his cousin lucas, sammy is quite the ham.

we also caught up with some childhood friends in edmonton

being close to calgary, we took a quick trip down to see some other friends as well

vancouver, bc
after a week of time with friends and family, we took a quick flight over to vancouver. seeing as min and I both had lots of community there, we definitely had a packed schedule catching up with friends.

 justin, jacqueline and lily

 our fantastic hosts, the colby's (right before they left for their own trip to california after having just returned from their sabbatical in france - amazing!)

 brian and shannon

 david, lydia and ben (their two girls not pictured) 

abe, soo and miles

living hope fellowship ladies

 our fantastic hosts, the kowalenko's (right before their own epic camping trip)

 the owners of our former home, the lee's

 the chen's (parents not pictured)

 the park's (with their own little one, ryan)

another set of lee's (again, parents not pictured, but this moment captured a hilarious conversation between brianna and sammy)

the koh's

 the robinson's

the last set of lee's (in their fantastic new home)

some random events
 sammy making friends with the "wild" bunnies at jericho beach

 what trip to edmonton would be complete without a visit to "the mall"?

grandma insisted on getting a professional salon cut for sammy - turned out pretty well but there's no way we can afford keeping up with this expensive luxury!

the star of our trip was definitely sammy. he was such a trooper through many flights, car rides and endless meetings with people he's never seen before. all in all, he did really well. we were thrilled to introduce him to our many close friends and family.

while driving around vancouver, we got the strange feeling that we were living in a parallel universe. thanks to the generosity of our friends, the kowalenko's, we were driving around in our old corolla, we visited our old condo where the lee's currently live, we worshipped with living hope fellowship in the old building, we visited regent college, all while dragging little sammy around with us. it was almost like wondering what life would have been like had we stayed in vancouver.

we'll never know and our task right now is figuring out how to be faithful where we are currently.

praying friends, please join us as we discern our next steps. we'd love to stay in the northern virginia area but obviously we need to stay open to whatever options arise. 

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