as you can tell by his 10 month photo, this guy hardly ever sits still. sammy is FULL of energy and gets into everything. raising a boy is going to be very interesting (and messy). i would consider myself a girly girl, and always pictured myself with a daughter dolled up in cute dresses...but man, can little boys steal your heart or what? sammy has totally captured mine.

as i mentioned last month, we did quite of bit of traveling. here are some pictures from our trips visiting family and friends. beware, there are tons of photos.

first we took our very first plane ride as a family to toronto to visit family and friends. sammy did surprisingly well on the flight...well, it was only 1.5 hours.

here is mike's good friend, joe, his lovely wife, nancy, and baby luke. 

here is a picture of our hosts: mike's brother tony, auntie julie, and baby lucas celebrating lucas' 100th day. too cute huh?

this is not a very good picture, but sammy's face in this photo captures his personality so well I had to post it. what a ham.

lucas, sammy and their cousin aileen.

and of course...sammy spent a lot of quality time with his grandparents. boy, do we miss everyone.

next we flew to atlanta because mike was attending a pastors' conference. while mike was away learning, sammy and i got to spend time with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world, the chou family.

sammy rode on a swing for the first time. i think he liked it. 

we spent lots of time with this cutie, anna, and her older sister mia.

the kiddos played dressed up. this is dr. sammy and princess anna.

we never got a chance to take a picture with the adults. what a shame. :( traveling with a lil one is......different. i don't know if vacationing will ever feel like a vacation again, but we definitely had a great time traveling as a family. till next time, friends!

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