it's advent season! along with our church community, we are celebrating this season of anticipation and waiting by participating in the advent conspiracy. we have had the privilege of hearing from members of our community (including my awesome sister) who are involved in some awesome kingdom-building work in our neighborhood, and in our world.

on a more personal level, our sammy is now 6 months old. his personality is starting to shine, and this li'l guy is quite the ham. he makes us laugh everyday -- what a precious gift he is! he is starting to sit on his own, army crawl around the floor, eat more solids, babble (very loudly, especially during church service), roll around, pull poor penny's hair, drink from a straw and melt our hearts with his smile and laughter. oh! and he has his first cousin. mike's brother, tony and his wife julie gave birth to a beautiful baby boy a few weeks ago. welcome to the world, lucas han!

here are some recent pictures of us.

a night out with the kcpc pastors. photo c/o justin k. kim photography

enjoying his butternut squash

modeling his new hat

spending the day with little light friends

watching the game with dad

what they look like after sunday service

my sister's birthday dinner

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