happy new year, friends!

i know i say this every post..but seriously..where does the time go? we enjoyed a low key christmas and new year here in good ole va. we are looking forward to the new year. we are excited to see what is in store for our family, and SNL. it looks like this year will be full of weddings, and baby showers, as many of our loved ones are tying the knot, and having babies. sammy will have lots of friends to play within the new year. as cliche as it is, mike and i are also hoping to get into shape and lose the rest of the baby weight.

sammy is VERY mobile now. his favorite thing to do now is drink from penny's water bowl when we are not looking. lovely... his li'l personality is continuing to shine and we are loving this stage. he is a lot of fun..and so stinkin' cute!

like always, here are a few recent pictures of us.

our lil crawler - photo c/o Justin K. Kim photography
story time with dad

our annual han family awkward photo

sammy is big enough to ride in a shopping cart now. he loves it!

mike's 35th birthday celebration!

we wish you all a very happy new year!

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  1. Happy 7 Months Sammy! You've done such wonderful job taking his monthly photos Min!