hello friends! mike and i had hoped to update our blog more often, but as new parents, once a month seems like all we can manage these days.

sammy is 4 months! we know we are totally biased but we think he is getting cuter by the day. we had been hoping to hear him laugh by now, but our serious lil boy gives us only a chuckle every now and then. right now he still loves staring at mirrors and his mobile, but his favorite thing to do is to suck on his hands. no need to pay for toys for this kid..he can entertain himself for hours with his hands. sammy also has two lil teeth coming in. we were hoping to not deal with teething till much later, but alas it has started. he is not eating and sleeping well...making for two tired parents, but we know that this too shall pass..so we are just hanging on. isn't it amazing how big he is getting? i can't believe it!

since mike has been so busy i will update for him. he is doing great! of course balancing a new ministry position and family life is always a challenge, but he is doing both well. community groups at S&L have started, and so far they are going really well. a leadership team is forming and there is a great momentum for the new school year. mike and i are both excited for the what lies ahead and growing more and more in love with the group.

for me...sigh..motherhood is hard. mike and i decided early on that i would stay home with sammy for at least the first 6 months (boy, do we miss canada and the year long maternity leave). most days i enjoy my time with sammy, especially since he is growing up so fast, but there are days when i want to run out of the house screaming. i always thought i was a pretty sane, laid-back, patient person...but after having a baby, i'm coming to learn how incredibly sinful and truly crazy i am! hahaha...moms out there, you hear me? just when you think you have a handle on things...bam! a growth spurt..or teeth..or sickness..or who knows what... i'm learning a lot about myself and trying to find moments to breath and journal, and keep sane. i joined two wonderful women's groups - one nursing mothers group through CBS with my lovely neighbor, and another at KCPC/CCPC - Sis 2 Sis. both of them have been such a blessing (and provide childcare..SCORE!) :)

here are some recent pictures of us (well, mostly sammy).

we went to cox farms, a local fall favorite. obviously sammy had no clue where we were, and could care less, but mike and i had a great time enjoying the changing leaves, apple cider, pumpkins, and the eclectic mix of animals. 

on a side note, i am feeling like a frumpy mom these days. i haven't lost all my pregnancy weight..i'm noticing wrinkles that weren't there before..and all the cute clothes and shoes in my closet have become totally impractical...but i read this article and was inspired. so here's to being in pictures with my son.

sammy got the green light to start solids. this is his first day with rice cereal. we can't tell if any actually made it into his mouth but we enjoyed feeding him anyway.

sammy is nowhere near rolling...which is kind of nice. i know when they become mobile it's another can of worms, but nonetheless we try to do our tummy time.

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  1. hang in there, mincha! i read somewhere that as soon as u get a routine set, BAM! the baby will mess that up and throw a wrench in that routine~ haha i was able to stay home w/ evan for 4 months and was SO sad and depressed when i went back to work... but now... not sure if i could be a stay at home mom.... definitely makes the times i see him that much sweeter... until his next temper tantrum. :) we should do a play date! :)