time sure does fly! sammy is now 3 months old! it's strange how much changes in just a month. he is now cooing and smiling..making both mike and me turn into mush. right now he loves staring at himself in mirrors, taking walks outside, his mobile, pop music (to mike's dismay), and snuggling in our arms. strangely he absolutely hates car rides, and sitting in his stroller. we are hoping this is just a phase....fingers crossed.

mike and i are doing well. we are getting more sleep and down time which you really learn to savor as new parents. snl is going well. we are slowly starting to get to know the community, and really coming to love everyone. it's strange because in vancouver, among our church friends we felt somewhat young -- newly married, without kids...here we feel OLD. it's fun being surrounded by younger people though,  there is such optimism and idealism that we tend to lose with age. 

here are some favorite pictures from the past month or so.

not the best picture, but the only one we have of our 4th wedding anniversary. being new parents, a romantic getaway was the last thing on our minds. we probably would have preferred to sleep, but thanks to having my family around, we were able to enjoy a quiet meal at sushi yoshi in vienna.
i guess sammy wasn't enjoying his outfit as much as i was. this was taken at our dear friends brian & angela's wedding. 

c/o of our dear friend and talented photographer angela wu. we were on a lunch date at the dc food trucks. sammy absolutely loves being outside. 

c/o another dear friend and gifted photographer justin kim. we were reuniting with our friend abe who was visiting from vancouver at vapiano's in reston town center.

our lil man at his 100th day celebration. doesn't he just melt your heart?

i love this picture because he is in the middle of cooing. our lil sweet boy...

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  1. Hi Min & Sam, love the 3 month update! Sammy is such a sweetie, glad we have gotten to know you both :)

    Nicole & Rem {ps Rem wants to know if Sam saw the garbage and recycling trucks this morning?)