spring has hit the east! the change in seasons has also marked a significant change in our lives as well. mike and i have been house hunting since the new year. it has been a very frustrating journey, but after months of searching we bought a townhouse in fairfax, virginia. originally when we decided to move back to the area we had hoped to live closer to DC, however with budget constraints, and the need for more space with a growing family, we decided to settle in the 'burbs. we are happy with our purchase and looking forward to moving out of my parents' basement!

baby han is doing well. he is definitely an active little one. mike and i enjoy watching my stomach move as the little guy kicks and rolls around. we look forward to meeting him in a few short months! can't believe i am already in my last trimester. 

on the job front, we are still waiting for mike's work permit to arrive. according to our immigration lawyer is should arrive any day now. mike has a very promising lead with work and it looks like he may be starting a new ministry position as soon as the work permit is secured (more on this to come...). 

here are a few recent pictures of us. our good friends joe and nancy were in new york for a few days so we decided to join them for a mini babymoon. note to self, and other pregnant woman, new york is not the best place to go when you are carrying a 20lb weight from your abdomen. needless to say, we hailed a lot of cabs. 

joe and mike, being the best buds that they are, insisted on wearing matching outfits the entire time we were there. 

a belly shot at 28 weeks. i shock myself looking at the mirror these days. 

the warm weather brought cherry blossoms earlier than normal this year. mike and i took part in the cherry blossom festivities by walking (or waddling) around the tidal basin.


  1. Congrats in finding a home in Fairfax! we are neighbors! =)

  2. THAT was such a wonderful post - glad to hear Mike's Mike. So hilarious that they dressed the same and celebrated it. love your posts Min Cha!