a few weeks ago i spotted this beauty at a local thrift store.

here is it is after a few coats of paint. isn't is lovely? it's perfect for our guestroom.

how to do it:

1) clean the table, remove the hardware and sand down some of the rough sections.

2) prime the table using Kilz brand spray paint primer. supposedly it is the best for this type of thing.

3) paint the table using whatever color you like. i used martha stewart semi-gloss paint from home depot in 'popcorn' and applied two coats.

4) spray paint the hardware. i spent a lot of time at home depot and anthropologie trying to find the perfect handle but at the end of the day i decided to stick with the original. i used rustoleum spray paint and painted it black.

5) attach the hardware and enjoy!

for more ideas and tips check out one of my favorite blogs: www.inthefunlane.com

i'm debating on whether to distress the piece or not, any thoughts?


  1. This looks awesome! I have an antique desk that needs to be restored waiting for me in the garage. I'm gonna take your tips and try them out. Your table looks good as is, but distressed might add a bit more story to it :)

  2. Well done girl! I love it!!!


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  3. that made such a difference & it looks great. x

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  4. Such a good idea! And I love distressing so one vote for that!

    xx THE CHEAP