mike and i are definitely not cool enough to be hipsters, but every now and then we like to pretend. this weekend we put on our chucks and ventured to main street.

we stopped by the farmers market at trout lake.

it was a beautiful day and the market was packed.

don't you love pictures of food?

afterwards we took penny to the dog park right outside of the market area. penny is so awkward.

we then grabbed some coffee and hit up some consignment stores and the salvation army. i bought a cute side table for our guest room that i am planning on painting this week. pictures to come.

yeah to relaxing weekends! what did you do this weekend?


  1. loving the new website, guys!

  2. i just caught up on the blog posts, and they made me miss you all so much!!! sending you lots and lots of love from virginia. ps. i'm LOVIN' the book recs. =)