mike has been wanting to start a garden for awhile so last weekend we decided to give it a try.

neither of us have gardened before so we headed over to a nearby home depot and talked to a very friendly and helpful sales associate named tony.

he advised us to start with a terra cotta pot.

we then selected some soil.

we then selected a few herbs to plant. we chose basil, cilantro, sage, thyme, chives and strawberries (yes i know strawberries are not herbs).

tony told us to cover the hole on the bottom of the pot with a cheese cloth to prevent soil from draining out.

after filling the pot with soil, mike placed all our new plants into their new homes.

ta da! our new "garden".

notes from tony: strawberries should be planted on the edge and chives in the center. can't remember why, but something about the way they grow.

here is my husband with his new project.

i know many of you were concerned about penny and her hair. we are happy to report that her hair is growing out and she is looking much more like herself. :)


  1. Hi Penny!!! Linn wants to do this, too! You guys eat your pho with cilantro? I LOVE cilantro. <3

  2. how cute!! I wish I could grow things, but I kill everything! The strawberries will be so tasty!