following right on the heels of min cha's gardening post is my update on how composting in an urban context is going!

after researching both worms and EM (effective microorganisms), i decided to go with the EM. our local gardenworks store carried this starter kit (which wasn't cheap) that allowed us to make our first foray into the world of urban composting.

so, with the kit ready to go, we decided to start our compost with some fruit that had unfortunately gone bad in our fridge. after chopping them up into smaller pieces, they went into the composter with some a light dusting of the EM.

after covering our eco-waste with a paper plate, we popped on the lid and are now patiently awaiting the rich compost to use on our herb garden and on the common greenery surrounding our condo. another reason we wanted this unit was because it had a spigot with which to collect the "compost tea" that is generated in the process. apparently this run off is also good for plants. win-win!

now, although we didn't go with their methods, i found the "cityfarmer" website a great resource for all things composting and urban gardening.

anyways, it's going to be a few weeks until we actually start seeing the compost, so we'll update you with the good (or tragic) news then!

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