A very tech savvy friend of mine told me about Chatbooks a couple years ago and I am so thankful for her because it has been such a fun way to capture moments as a family. I have quite a few now and we love looking through them.

Chatbooks is an app that takes your Instagram photos and puts them into mini books of 60 photos for $8 (soft cover). You can create a series like I have done, and once you hit 60 photos, Chatbooks will notify you that a book is complete and ship it to you automatically (don't worry you have a couple days to make edits). You can also use different hashtags to create different series. For instance, I use the hashtags #sammycreates and #jjcreates to make separate books of their artwork. It is super easy to set up -- trust me, if I can do it, you can too. Technology and I do not get along. You can have multiple contributors as well, if you want other friends/family contributing to a book or a series.

Another helpful tip (also from said tech savvy friend) is to create a private Instagram account that is linked to your primary account, and use the private account to generate your books. This way your friends are not inundated by photos of your kid's art projects that you think are amazing, but in reality is just a bunch of scribbles that your kid says is a giraffe. If you link the two accounts you can easily toggle between the two.

The Chatbooks website has loads of information and tutorials. If you are interested let me know! I can send you an invitation and you will get your first book of a series for free.

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