now that mike has updated you on how we are doing, i would like to let you know that...we are having a baby boy! we couldn't be more thrilled. after our miscarriage i couldn't help worrying everyday of the first trimester, but now i am at 21 weeks and everything seems to be going well.

the first trimester was rough. i was cranky (to put it lightly), nauseous, and exhausted every moment of everyday...not fun. can we all say, poor mike? i didn't feel like taking any pictures during this time, but mike insisted we document this stage. i can't believe i am posting these...but here goes..

this is how i ate most of my meals while i was at my parents' house -  in the basement, with my ugly blue robe that mike has come to hate, behind locked doors with ear plugs in my nose. i couldn't stand the smell of anything cooking, especially korean food, which happens to be my favorite. let me tell you, eating with your nose plugged is very difficult, even if it is just white rice and water. it's very hard to breathe and chew at the same time.
I hang my head in shame. Mike insisted in taking a picture of my outfit. Yes, I know, what was I thinking. I did go out in public dressed like this, but when you are throwing up, and feeling fat, who cares what you wear out, right?

Thank God I'm past that stage. Second trimester has been much better. For those of you who are wondering how the belly bump is progressing, here you go. I only wear the blue robe when I'm getting ready for bed, and I am actually wearing clothing and not sweats with sneakers.

Sporting jcrew's heart me sweater that may just have reached its maximum stretching capacity.
question for our readers, any thoughts on a name for our little boy? so far mike has come up with casper, cox cable, pickles, skelator, mario, luigi..and his current favorite, me please.


  1. your bump is so cute! i am 21 weeks and we are having another boy this time too! maybe our little ones will have the same birthday! :)

  2. min! how wonderful! im so sorry that i haven't been around to journey with you and mike the last year, but i'm so happy for you both for where you have found yourselves now! yes your instincts are correct... don't let mike name the boy! lol! I love the name Seth. But you can have it if you want it. *wink*