during our flight on alaska airlines, i was immediately reminded that we were going to be in america for the next three months. with our meal came this little card:

though its actions and believes don't exactly line up with gospel-teaching, there's no doubt that america definitely has a "christian culture". it's bizarre seeing blatant expressions of christianity in small cards like these, hearing worship music pumped through the speakers in fast food chains and the evocation of God's name in all spheres of public life. it's going to take some time getting used to.

in my morning devotion this morning in common prayer, i came across this small little line "commemorating" columbus day:  "In 1492, the indigenous peoples of the Americas discovered Christopher Columbus." a sobering reminder that nothing we enjoy comes without a price.

though a small mixup led to a pretty long wait at the airport, we eventually got home and enjoyed a great home-cooked meal at min's parents' house in fairfax, virginia.

one of the things we saw waiting for us was our new sony nex-5 camera. it's a micro 4/3 camera that we bought to replace our old nikon d40. though we loved the nikon, we just had to accept that we were less likely to lug the dslr around. the sony is smaller and will accompany us on all our adventures. we look forward to posting pics from the new little guy!

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  1. Enjoy your new camera! Looking forward to seeing pics... From the photo thought at first Min was was holding the camera box and the box looked huge (haha), more funny w/box saying "pocket" professional... Alan