hello friends!

this week mike and i had the privilege of staying at the famous homestead hotel & resort. on our way down we decided to drop by and visit my brother who is at james madison university. he took us to eat peruvian chicken at a&t and ice cream at klines. it's nice to know that even though i graduated from college 8 years ago, our favorite local eats are enjoyed by students today.

isn't this picture weird? mike and my brother, joe, look like cut outs or something.
here i am posing with the life-size statue of james madison, our 4th president. he was a very small man.
after a short but sweet visit to jmu, we headed close to the west virginia border to stay at the homestead. the homestead is a popular hotel/resort located in the allegheny mountains, famous for its numerous hot springs. it was established in 1766 and has been a favorite for numerous american presidents, foreign dignitaries, and others throughout its 250 year history. it is an gorgeous hotel and would recommend to anyone who is in the area. 

mike and i enjoying the southern hospitality.

mike and i being the nerds that we are went on the history tour of the site. the homestead area was sacred hunting grounds for shawnee native americans, drawn there for the healing qualities in the hot springs. our tour guide then conveniently skipped ahead to how this sacred site became the site of the hotel, hosting the first president george washington. interesting...

if you enjoy history, and would like to dip yourself in the same hot springs thomas jefferson, james madison, and many others have been in (kinda sounds gross huh?) we would totally recommend the homestead. it is a perfect getaway.

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