it has been a week since i got my eyes fried at the coal harbour eye centre. overall it waa a good experience however i felt that they rushed me through the pre-surgery procedure. they ushered into one room and then another without any explanation and handed me a bag full of eyes drops with a  2 second  instruction of how to medicate my eyes. being SUPER nervous as it was, all the hustle and bustle made me even more apprehensive. the procedure went well, but did you know that your eyes smell like fried squid when they are getting zapped? interesting..

my vision is still blurry and putting drops into my eyes has become a second job. i didn't have any pain during the first week and was able to go back to work after 4 days of rest. today i got the contacts which serve as bandages removed and i feel great (even though my vision is a bit blurrier).  overall i am happy that i braved the surgery and am looking forward to life without glasses or contacts.

here i am sporting my lady gaga glasses coal harbour gave me. awesome huh? don't covet them too much because they already have a new owner, miss michi who will be sporting them at the lady gaga concert with her hello kitty dress.

the day after surgery mike took me to a  yummy taco place downtown called la taqueria ( i couldn't really see the food but it sure was tasty.

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  1. awesome! why in the world did my eyes hurt so bad? lucky duck you!!! YAY! perfect eye sight!