i'm totally going to out myself as a big nerd but oh well..

as many of you know i am a HUGE lost fan.nerd.geek. i started watching it 6 years ago with my little lights staff in dc. it was a way for us to unwind and relax after a long day with our crazy LL kids. after 6 years of lots of questions and mind boggling twists in the story, lost finally wrapped up this weekend. i know there are many mixed reviews on the finale but in my opinion i thought the writers did an excellent job and ended the show with what ultimately mattered most to the fans - the characters, not the questions.

in order to celebrate the end of lost, mike and i hosted a little party for a few of our friends. it was really tough trying to round up lost fans in vancouver. there isn't much of a following here. anyhoo, enjoy some of the pictures of our festivities.

good bye lost, i will miss you.

mr cluck's chicken.

the swan station sign for our door.

the names of our guest on the "cave wall"

daniel faraday and crazy claire

richard & the number 15 bunny

the beverages

thanks to the brauns, the shim clan, and namster for celebrating with us!

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