i had a baby shower to go to this weekend and i thought i would open up my craft box and try to make something for the mommy to be. my best bud mrs. chou suggested i make a baby hair clip holder. being a mother of a baby girl, she said it would be a cute and practical gift so i thought i would give it a shot.

first i spray painted this base. i was hoping to find the wooden base in white but had no luck. i spray painted it on a windy day and it ended up looking a bit bumpy and uneven. oh well...

next after the paint dried, i cut this circle out of some pretty pink paper and decoupaged it to the base.

while the glue dried i painted the letter k i bought. the baby's name is kayla. i think that is such a beautiful name.

after everything dried i glued the pieces together with wood glue.

tada! i got a bit lazy taking the step by step photos. after i glued the base and the letter "k" together i glued some brown and pink ribbon to the base for the hair clips to hang from. i then tied a bow on the top and sewed a buttom in the middle. the mom-to-be told me the nursery colors are brown and pink so i tried to keep with the theme.

here is a close up.

all the hair clips are from SweetBittyBows: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetBittyBows. denise the seller was such a doll and agreed to ship all the clips to canada for me. all you moms of lil girls check out her shop. she has THE cutest clips.


  1. great job with the hair clip holder - it was gorgeous (makes me want to make one, even though the next girlfriend to have a baby is having a boy ^^)

  2. SO CUTE! I am SO stealing this idea!