okay, i'm the first one to admit that i'm more into the "gear" of any given hobby than the actual hobby itself, but this latest foray into running shoes has really captured my imagination.

first of all, check out this time magazine article on running barefoot.

second, check out the new nike free 5.0s.

(sweet, huh?)

so, our feet aren't designed to run heel first, which is what our modern running shoes force us to do.  apparently the herky jerky motion causes unnatural strain and grinding on our knees.  yeah, maybe it's all a gimmick to get us to buy new junk, but any excuse to get me out of my chair, no?  in fact, at the nike store, the salesman recommended that i get two pairs of shoes, the new nike frees and another pair of trainers to offset the fatigue that my feet will experience while getting used to the new system.  isn't capitalism wonderful?

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  1. pronation, supination, too much for my tiny brain! which shoes did you buy?! i'm in the market for a new pair. :D