after many weeks of traveling, mike and i have finally settled back into our normal rhythms, and have been able to join in the olympic festivities.

i have to admit, i was not looking forward to the olympics, but now that the games have arrived it is hard not to be caught up in buzz and excitement surrounding the city. mike and i even had a chance to see some sporting events and explore our transformed downtown.

though we have enjoyed the games, we are torn in thinking about how the olympics has affected those on the margins. groups like streams of justice have set up a tent village on hastings protesting the lack of low-income housing in our city. while the city has invested millions into hosting the olympics, the promises to provide affordable housing for the poor have been forgotten.

i find the older i get the less i want to wrestle with the difficult questions. the lure to live a comfortable and secure life grows with each white hair on my head (mike can attest there are lots). when i used to live in the inner city of washington, dc a part of me looked down on the suburban christians living in nice homes isolated from poverty, homelessness and i find that i am one of those people. this christian journey sure is a complex one.

you got to love the evil versions of the olympic mascots.
for more information on streams of justice and the olympic tent village go here:

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  1. oh that's too cute... husband and wife walking around with a Canada and USA T-shirt. hahha.